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Start seeing a counsellor in the New Year

Are you hopeful leading into the New Year, or always worried that this next year is going to be the same as always? The New Year is a great time to start seeing a counsellor for so many reasons and could just mean that 2020 is your best year yet. Here are the top 7 reasons to start your counselling journey this new year.

Many people think that seeing a counsellor is only for those who are suffering with serious mental health concerns, and that it’s only something you do when you’re at your lowest. Whilst this is one of the important roles that a counsellor plays, it’s by no means that only one! A counsellor can also help you overcome your inner obstacles, set goals for yourself, maintain your motivation, and provide support throughout it all. At Integrated Health Specialists, not only do we provide counselling and psychology, we also offer life coaching, weight loss programs, personal training, nutritional psychology, hypnotherapy and more!

Lose weight, start a new hobby, make more money? Do you make lofty New Years Resolutions every year, only to find that within a month or two, they’ve fallen by the wayside. It’s normal to lose the motivation and hope that we hold for the New Year – once reality begins to set in and the holidays are over. This year, make your own mental wellbeing your top priority and start seeing a counsellor who can not only help you to overcome the struggles that held you back last year, but can help you to set goals, unpack your inner saboteur, and start reaching those goals!

There’s a reason that suicide rates tend to spike in the New Year. Once all the festivities of the holiday season are over and we each get back to the daily grind with very little in the way of gatherings, parties and celebrations to look forward to, the year ahead can seem daunting. It is often in the first few months of the New Year that we can find our emotional and mental health beginning to suffer. Seeing a counsellor in the New Year can tackle these feelings head on, avoid feeling lost and low, and give you a clear and actionable plan for the year ahead.

Is there something you really want to achieve this year, but have been unable to in recent years? A counsellor is not just a wonderful resource for tackling stress, anxiety, depression or other mental health concerns, but an excellent support in helping you reach your goals. Why not start seeing a counsellor when you’re feeling your most motivated – just as you’ve set your resolutions and are feeling determined to see them through? If you’ve got dreams of achieving big things this coming year, a counsellor can help you to outline a realistic plan and keep your motivation going. The New Year is a great time to jump in head-first, when your goals are fresh in your mind.

Now that the holiday season is over, once the kids are back in school, the crazy deadlines are over and the New Year is just beginning to ramp up, you’re likely to have a little more time to dedicate to your own wellbeing. Finding time to fit in a regular counselling session can be tricky at the end of the year when there’s so much going on, which is why now is a great time to start seeing a counsellor. Making time now for a regular session with your counsellor will help you to make it a part of your new routine and follow through for the rest of the year.

If you’ve got ambitions to lose weight, get fit, or simply start living a healthier lifestyle, summer is the best time to get started. Because the days are longer and warmer, it’s much easier to get outside for a walk or run, go to the park for some personal training, or to the beach for a swim. It’s also a good time to incorporate healthier meals such as salads and extra vegetables into your diet, as the cold weather cravings for comfort food and snuggling up under the blankets aren’t an issue. Make the most of the great weather in the New Year and start seeing a counsellor to help you outline your goals. For a ‘New Year, New You’, there’s no better time than now!

There’s no time like the present, as they say. Getting started with a counsellor now rather than later in the year can ensure that you avoid feeling overwhelmed and demotivated, as can tend to happen in later months. As the year progresses, the pressures we are under can increase, as can our workloads and the number of things on our ‘to do’ lists. Not only can this make it hard to find the time to see your counsellor or make headway towards your goals, it can give you an excuse to put things off for even longer due to feeling busy and stressed. Getting started now will not only ensure that you don’t put off your goals indefinitely but can also help to give you the skills you need to handle the pressures that lie ahead for the year.

No matter what your goals are for the New Year – be it to get fit, feel happier, or get some added support in managing your mental health – Integrated Health Specialists is here to support you. Our range of counselling, psychology, life coaching and weight loss programs are tailored to help you overcome the things holding you back and make this year your best yet!

Michelle van Namen
Author: Michelle van Namen