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Tips to lose weight in 2019

Are you one of the three in ten people who set a goal to lose weight every new year? And are you one of the 90% of people who fail in this resolution? Losing weight is not always as simple as watching what you eat or hitting the gym. In fact, weight loss can be much more complicated than that for many people. It might surprise you to learn that the biggest hurdles faced when it comes to losing weight are our own beliefs and our associated behaviours. Curbing these to facilitate our new healthy lifestyle is key to losing weight in 2019. Here are our top three tips for reaching your weight loss goals this year:

Throwing on your activewear and heading to the gym might seem like a good way to lose weight, right? There’s no doubt that exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but it’s just not as simple as that. If it were, Australia wouldn’t be suffering with the obesity crisis we’re currently facing. The same can be said for eating well. Whilst it’s true that most of us understand the basics of a healthy diet, we have trouble sticking to it throughout the year.

Being prepared for your weight loss goals is the key to success. This means setting aside time to shop and to cook healthy meals. Many of us believe we don’t have time to workout or cook at home – at least not as much as we’d like to – when in fact, making time in our daily and weekly routines for what really matters is generally the missing factor.

There’s no point planning a menu of complex healthy meals for the week if you don’t have the time to cook them. Think about what you could cut out of your routine; things that you are currently spending unnecessary time on, or things that you could manage better by spreading the load and asking for help from the rest of the family or outsourcing help. Freeing up even half an hour in your day will give you the opportunity to prioritise your health and weight loss goals.

When heading out to do a grocery shop, be sure to be prepared with a list of the meals you’d like to cook for the week, and a shopping list to match. Hitting the aisles with only a vague idea of what you need is a sure-fire way to miss something or end up with a trolley full of less-than-healthy items.

When it comes to the gym, do you find yourself leaving the office only to realise you’ve left your workout gear and towel at home?  Each night before settling into bed, prepare your workout gear in advance and have it waiting for you by the door (or even better, already in the car). Preparation is the key to losing weight for 2019 by avoiding falling at the first hurdle.

Being prepared is an important first step, which means making time in your routine for your diet and exercise goals. The next step is to have a plan in place. This means having a realistic workout plan that fits in with your lifestyle, and a diet that not only meets your nutritional needs, but that you can enjoy.

An experienced nutritionist with expertise in weight loss strategy can help you to design a plan that will work for you, whatever your lifestyle. Consulting with a weight loss specialist who understands your busy lifestyle – as well as one who understands how your beliefs and behaviours can affect your ability to maintain a workout plan – will empower you with the right tools and set you up for success.

Too many of us start out on weight loss journeys with unrealistic diet and exercise plans which don’t fit into our lifestyles, limit the ways in which we can enjoy ourselves, and tend to leave us feeling deprived, resentful and eventually, guilty for failing. Which leads us to our final tip:

Depriving yourself constantly is no way to succeed at losing weight in 2019. For starters, feeling constantly deprived is not necessary when it comes to following a healthy eating plan designed for weight loss, and secondly, it’s not sustainable and is guaranteed to make you miserable.

You might think that an effective weight loss diet means no ‘treats’, involves a lot of kale, and cannot contain anything remotely interesting. And you’d be completely wrong. An experienced nutritionist who understands your weight loss goals and your own personal struggles with weight can develop a plan that you can not only maintain, but enjoy!

The same goes for your fitness routine. As we highlighted in our blog 2019 New Years Resolutions That are so Much Better Than a Fad Diet, working out doesn’t have to involve slogging it out at the gym, if that’s not something you enjoy. There are plenty of ways to work out while having fun. Consider things like joining a local group fitness class, taking up dancing or boxing, joining a swimming or aerobics class, or even working out at home to your favourite workout videos.

Having trouble finding something that’s fun and effective? We can help. Our tailored personal weight loss programs are designed to fit into your lifestyle and prepare you with realistic, maintainable goals. What’s more, you’ll have all the support you need, each step of the way. If losing weight in 2019 is your goal, get in touch today.

Michelle van Namen
Author: Michelle van Namen