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The power of personal growth

What does personal growth mean to you? Would it surprise you to know that many people – probably a good percentage of the people you know – go through their lives without ever really considering their own personal growth? The power of personal growth lies in its ability to transform your life through positive mental, physical, emotional and circumstantial change. By tapping into your own capacity for personal growth you can make phenomenal improvements to your life, reach your goals, and live a more fulfilled life.

The entire self-help industry is founded on the principle that personal growth is by far the most powerful tool that any of us possess. Through concerted thoughts, words and actions, we can change not only our outlook on life, but experience positive change throughout our personal, social and work lives. Personal growth also offers us the ability to overcome deeply held beliefs and negative behaviours which hold us back and keep us feeling trapped. This might mean overcoming trauma, anxiety or a number of other mental health concerns.

Do you want to:

  • Overcome trauma,
  • Better manage stress, anxiety or depression,
  • Tackle a lack of motivation,
  • Work towards goals you would love to achieve,
  • Finally get that promotion at work,
  • Find the courage to embark on a new phase of life or,
  • Feel happier and more fulfilled?

Personal growth is the key to all these achievements, and more!

There are a myriad of ways to harness your own power for personal growth. Here are just a few of them.

  1. Positive self-talk

Don’t underestimate the power of positive self-talk. If you suffer from low self-esteem, anxiety, depression or a lack of motivation, learning to lift yourself up with positive self-talk can make an immediate and enormous impact on your life.

Practice: Each time you find yourself saying something negative about yourself, stop, and counter that thought with something positive. Even if you have trouble believing yourself at first, you’ll soon notice a positive change in your attitude which will help you to make positive changes in your life. You’ll feel more confident, more in control and more capable. Give it a try today.

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  1. Mindfulness

The term ‘mindfulness’ is something that most of us are familiar with these days. Simply put, it means being aware of our thoughts and our surroundings, to focus our minds on the ‘here and now’ rather than fretting over the past or worrying about the future. Mindfulness has been studied by researchers all over the world and is proven to have incredibly positive effects on those who practice it.

Practice: Find a quiet place to sit for a few moments each day, concentrate on your breathing, and let the constant stream of disruptive thoughts (don’t worry, we all experience them!) wash over you. Any time you find yourself latching onto a thought and getting carried away with it, just gently bring your thoughts back to your breath. The more you practice, the better you’ll get. Pair this practice with some positive self-talk and be amazed at the results.

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  1. Know thyself: The good, the bad, and the ugly

An incredibly important factor in personal growth is the understanding of oneself. How can we be expected to grow as people if we don’t understand our strengths and weaknesses, after all? Think you know yourself inside and out? Think again. Truly understanding yourself is trickier than it sounds. It involves a deeper understanding of your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours – many of which are very hard for the untrained eye to spot.

Practice: The best way to get to know yourself is to see a life coach or psychologist. By guiding you gently through therapy, your life coach or psychologist can help you to discover things about yourself that you never knew were holding you back!

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  1. Make a plan

As much as you might be sick of the old adage ‘failure to plan means planning to fail’, there is a lot of truth behind it. If you’ve got goals in mind (like those listed at the beginning of the article), you’re not going to wake up one morning to find them achieved unless you have a plan of action. Once you’ve tackled the ‘getting to know yourself’ part of the personal growth process, you can begin to make a plan for how to change your life for the better.

Practice: The best way to make a realistic, achievable plan for your life is to see a life coach. Life coaching programs from Integrated Health Specialists make use of the latest, proven techniques (including hypnotherapy, EMDR, EFT, NLP and more) to help you better understand yourself; overcome your motivational issues; reprogram your brain and do away with the beliefs and behaviours which don’t serve you; and begin to see positive changes in your life faster than you ever thought possible.

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Make a decision today to start making your personal growth a priority!

Michelle van Namen
Author: Michelle van Namen