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FEAR is often a main factor that contributes to Procrastination!

Apr 5, 2014Anxiety, Stress & Phobias, Self-Help0 comments

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Don’t learn this lesson about procrastination the hard way like I did!

I remember many years ago, I wanted to go to a live concert and the tickets weren’t cheap, so I kept procrastinating from buying the ticket, questioning myself whether I deserve to spend so much money on me! I kept telling myself “I’ll decide tomorrow”….but you know what it’s like….I was just too busy with all of those other things that ‘needed’ to get done in my life.  A few days before the actual concert, I finally made the decision “yes I really want to go!” 

So I got my credit card ready and called that ticket office, finally allowing myself to get excited, imagining what it was going to be like!  The ticket office man answered and excitedly I said “I’d like a tickets to…but the voice on the phone quickly jumped in and said what I didn’t want to hear, nor even considering it could be a possibility – “I’m sorry, but we’re completely sold out.” Oh *#*! I was really disappointed…of course I brought it upon myself! What even made the wounds worse is the man on the phone then said that if I had just called an hour sooner, I could’ve grabbed one of the last tickets!  Double *#*!  Well didn’t I learn that lesson the hard way! The reason I’m sharing this with you is because perhaps you can relate, are you are a bit of a procrastinator? 

Have you let yourself down a little too often by not making a decision or by not taking action?  If not, take the time out right now to celebrate then, because you must be an action taker and getting great results in your life and you deserve it!  Congratulations and cheers to you!

But if you do tend to procrastinate, did you know that FEAR is often a main factor that contributes to procrastination? Consider for a moment if there is perhaps an underlying fear or fears that could be driving your procrastination? Perhaps a fear of failure, or a fear of what others might think, a fear of making mistakes, or even a fear of success?  If so, it appears you may have some pretty negative and limiting beliefs about yourself.  For example, some people may be afraid of success because deep down they think they don’t deserve it?  Now how much would this belief inhibit you from reaching your goals? 

Yep you guessed it, heaps! By addressing the underlying fear/s that are keeping you from getting a start on things, you can begin to kick this annoying procrastination habit!  I’ve developed a Hypnotherapy Behaviour Modification Program specifically for this common issue that many people face!  So, if you’re ready to take control of this annoying procrastination pattern – in business and/or life in general – please give us a call to find out more!

Michelle van Namen

Author: Michelle van Namen