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Weight Loss

Holistic Weight Loss Programs on the Gold Coast
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How much frustration and unhappiness is this causing you?
How much does it affect your ability to live your life fully?
How much has it impacted your confidence and self-esteem?

Weight Loss – a holistic approach

Sure health, fitness and your weight is definitely a result of your eating and exercising habits, but there is so much more to it! Your weight is also a direct result of your underlying psychological and emotional patterns. Holding onto emotional baggage leads to holding onto weight on the body, ie. excess emotional baggage = excess weight!
The typical approach of the diet and fitness industry solely focuses on your eating and exercise habits, but not the causes behind these habits; your underlying emotional patterns and your mindset. They attempt to help you change your habits without addressing the underlying issues…it’s like putting a band aid on an open wound that needs stitches! And that’s why they don’t work, especially long term, and you’ll go back to your old habits.
Integrated Health Specialists Holistic Weight Loss Model

Gold Coast Weight Loss Programs

You will work with your psychologist to overcome your negative mindset or beliefs that hold you back from achieving long-lasting change, and explore how these beliefs directly link to your self-worth. You’ll learn cutting-edge psychological techniques for changing your thoughts and beliefs that have prevented you from successfully losing weight and keeping it off.  We will initially work with your conscious mind to improve your awareness of your emotions, thoughts, and conditioned behavioural responses. Then we will start working directly with your subconscious mind; here we use transformational mind techniques like Hypnotherapy, PSYCH-K™, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). What goes on in the unconscious mind governs how you eat, how you exercise, your levels of motivation and your energy!  Inner conflict occurs when your conscious mind and your unconscious are not working together.
You will also be working with us to develop an exercise and healthy eating plan that is individually designed for you using Nutrigenomics (DNA Testing) to find out your optimal diet and macro-nutrient ratios for your specific genes (no one size fits all approach here!)  We focus on creating permanent positive lifestyle changes – not fad diets because these do not work, they usually do more damage than good, and they can not be sustained!  You’ll also have your own personal training sessions twice a week where you’ll learn how to exercise effectively to meet your specific goals.
You’ll experience our Trolley Overhaul this is where we will accompany you to the supermarket. We’ll get a realistic picture of what your current diet consists of, and will offer you healthier alternatives to consider.  You’ll learn how to interpret those tricky labels on food packaging and avoid those clever marketing traps.
You will undergo a few Bio-Impedance Assessments at different times throughout the program which will enable you to maximize your weight loss, optimise your training, increase your vitality and fine tune your nutrition to create a better body and slow down the ageing process.  You will also work with our Naturopath to identify any underlying health issues that need to be addressed which could also be impacting your weight; this may involve testing your hormones, gut health, food intolerances etc.