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Self-Esteem Program Testimonials

“Absolutely Life changing, The best thing I ever did for myself!! If you are a proactive person and you still feel like you are experiencing any kind of life problem, then Michelle is the person that will lead you on the path to your best life!! She has given me tools to make the right choices for me that will stay with me forever. I was suffering with low self esteem and it was causing difficult work place relationships. I now feel healed and at peace with myself. If I ever won Lotto I would pay for everyone I know to have sessions with Michelle! I think we all need a bit of self healing, peace and inspiration in our lives. Thank you Michelle.”  AMANDA

“I finally made the phone call to see Michelle for problems with my confidence, self esteem and self worth, I was stuck in a rut of negative thought patterns and living a life of “Groundhog Day” I am 27, still living at home and felt I couldn’t go for the job I really wanted. What I received from Michelle over the 3 month programme I don’t believe I could have learnt in a life time, Michelle gave me the tools to totally turn my life around! I now have the job I wanted, have moved out of home and got the courage to cut my hair into a very short style, something I had always wanted to do! I don’t know how I was surviving beforehand, I am proud of seeking the help of Michelle and don’t hesitate to tell anyone about her!”  SARAH

“Michelle has changed my life and I will forever be thankful for meeting her. She is genuinely passionate about tailoring her programs and each session, as well as shuffling things around to fit in and suit everyone. I was a stressed out, perfectionistic, insecure, people pleasing person without quite realising it. Michelle has given me the tools I need to confidently stand on my two feet and take on the world. I feel more at ease each day and excited about the future.”  KELLYANNE

“Working with Michelle has certainly exceeded my expectations. I contacted Michelle initially to deal with issues relating to feeling weighed down by life and motherhood. Little did I know that meeting and working with Michelle would genuinely change my life. After the first session I had already begun to feel and see the benefits in many areas of my life. The holistic approach used ensures that no area of my life was unaddressed. Michelle has a genuine desire to help people and her enthusiasm and belief in the benefits of her work is infectious. I can truly say that I am now more confident, calmer and happier…..a better mother and a better person. With Michelle’s help I am now living a life that I previously would not have seen as possible.”  BEC

“Michelle reinvigerated my life! I was 30 and said (blindly) at the time that my life was a mess. As everyone else who has ever worked with Michelle would know, she flips your life view on its head and gives you a whole new positive way to approach life. There were tears, light-bulb moments, and lots of smiles. Everyday I thank Michelle for the my new confident, cheerful approach to life. Don’t hesitate, ring her today! You won’t regret it.”  MEAGAN

“I feel like a new person. After going through lots of changes and turmoil in life over the last few years, seeing Michelle helped me to find peace and purge all the negativity and self doubt which was keeping me stuck in the past. I really enjoyed my sessions with Michelle and now feel completely motivated and empowered again about my life and achieving my dreams. Thank you Michelle.”  KELLY

“Michelle has really helped me to help myself to turn my life around. Her professional but friendly approach really helped me to put things back into perspective within my life. Inside I feel much more content and happy with myself and my life, people close to me have noticed the changes that Michelle has encouraged me to make, and for this I thank you Michelle.”  LEZLIANN

“I was sick of being a people pleaser! I had a real problem in saying ‘no’ and I could not stand up for myself in fear of conflict. I knew I needed to do something about it because at work I was so stressed taking on too much and having a really demanding boss. I found Integrated Health Specialists on the internet and decided to try hypnotherapy. I couldn’t believe how effective it was, Michelle worked with my lack of assertiveness and my fear of conflict and confrontation. I can now express my boundaries in a clear and effective way without causing conflict. As a result my stress levels have improved out of sight, I can’t thank you enough Michelle!”  LINDA

“I approached Michelle really confused about why I felt the way I did, unsure of myself and as a result of this my relationships with people were disconnected, my work was suffering and my inner self worth affected. I was angry and was holding on to the past and living in the future, focusing on what I didn’t have and what I wanted than appreciating what I did have in my life. I knew I had to change but I didn’t know how. I cannot thank Michelle enough, from the first time I spoke with Michelle I felt not nervous but excited and proud of myself for taking the first step in positive changes for myself. The tools Michelle has imparted on me are like gifts that keep on giving my understanding of these tools continue to deepen as I continue to grow as a person and use them in day to day life. Michelle has empowered me and taught me to accept myself, let go of what I can’t control and allow myself to grow. As a result of seeing Michelle, my health has improved, I feel less toxic, I am eating a healthier diet, not using alcohol as an outlet and at 30 I feel fitter than I did at 25. Michelle’s holistic approach has assisted in nurturing my mind and changing my mindset, my body has changed and my spirit has grown. Michelle’s approach is nurturing, She is very authentic, and though her passion of her industry I found Michelle not only inspiring but very educational. There were many gold nuggets along the way and personal challenges too. Looking back they make me smile as I can clearly see how I have grown as a person. Michelle would call them breakthroughs. My life has changed in so many ways and it continues to do so, I continue to use the tools Michelle has empowered me with. Though this journey I have accepted myself for who I am, you could say I have a better relationship with me and though this I am forming stronger connections with people and reconnecting with people in my life. My world has changed, I am present, excited and inspired. Thank you Michelle.”  NIKKI