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Stress & Anxiety Program Testimonials

“I had an issue with driving on the highway on the Gold Coast and had been avoiding it for 18 months. A new employment opportunity made me realise I had to learn to drive more than my comfortable 4km. Called my husband to help me find someone who could help me. My husband found Michelle’s website. Normally a sceptic, my husband was impressed with the credentials and feedback from clients of Integrated Health Specialists (IHS). I went to Michelle expecting a quick fix and Michelle helped me realise my driving on the highway issues were simply a symptom of the stressed and anxious state I had been living with for so long. I signed up for Michelle’s 12 week Program. In this time I have learnt to be almost zero prickly with my family and enjoy them more, learn to limit my boundaries at work and I have been driving on the highway for more than 8 weeks. I now feel at peace and in control in my life and this feeling to me is priceless. I strongly recommend signing up for Michelle’s 12 week program. The new feelings and new learnings you gain from Michelle’s program will last you a lifetime!!”  TRACEY

“I was sick of living in fear day in day out, I was anxious of being anxious and I was having panic attacks on a daily basis, actually I couldn’t see the point of living! Luckily I had a friend who had seen Michelle for depression and suggested I see her. Michelle not only made me feel comfortable immediately, but I really got the sense she understood what I was going through and she could help me. And now I never look back, and I am free to live life without feeling terrified and 6 months later still no panic attacks, I just wanted to say a huge thanks!”  MARK

“I went to see Michelle because I could not find a solution to my escalating anxiety. From my first meeting with Michelle I felt comfortable, she is wonderfully kind hearted and genuine. During my sessions with her I learned about me, in particular the patterns of thinking and behaving that were undermining my ability to enjoy life. I have learned new ways of thinking, behaving and living that have empowered me to take responsibility for myself, and have given me renewed confidence to pursue my dreams and trust the journey ahead. I highly recommend Michelle; my only regret is that I did not seek her out sooner.”  JANE

“I was a complete mess and I couldn’t leave home, I was diagnosed with agoraphobia by a psychiatrist and was given drugs and they made me feel more anxious and sick. I felt desperate and I came across Integrated Health Specialists on the internet and liked what I read so I went to see Michelle. Having completed her anxiety program now I am a completely different person, and I can’t believe how simple it ended up being to cure my anxiety that I put up with for so long! If you suffer with anxiety do not hesitate in contacting Michelle, you won’t regret it she is awesome.”  STACEY

“I am delighted to have been invited to share with you a very special journey taken with Integrated Health Specialists. Initial contact was made via the internet which generated an immediate response. At the initial assessment, my intellectually impaired daughter and I established an instant rapport which has endured to this day. I found Michelle to be patient and methodical, confident and supportive and absolutely trustworthy. Her totally holistic approach has definitely proven beneficial in every respect. One learns the importance of self-realisation as an integral tool to recovery. My daughter continues to utilise the many helpful methods implemented to overcome some deep seated fears that were overwhelming her very existence, some 3 years after treatment. Michelle is in my opinion, not only a therapist but an educator, philosopher and totally committed to her chosen field. I would therefore, unhesitatingly recommend the confidential services provided by IHS to anyone seeking the assistance of a highly professional psychologist.”  YVONNE

“Since my Cancer diagnosis Michelle has been a wonderful support to me. I generally see Michelle on a fortnightly basis and have chosen to do so for a few months. She has applied various methods and processes to assist me in identifying and dealing with my mountains of negative thoughts and emotional blockages, which I believe caused my disease in the first place. Releasing a lot of what we call my old baggage has enabled me to be a lot more positive and calm. In particular my stress levels have reduced considerably and I have found more peace within myself, more than I can remember ever having in fact. Michelle is very professional, yet so compassionate and understanding, I have always felt comfortable sharing my very personal issues with her knowing that she will not judge me. In more recent times, Michelle has applied Reiki Therapy which I find so beneficial in coping with my disease. I can not thank her enough for her support.”  LYN