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Anxiety Treatment, Panic Attacks & Phobias

Effective anxiety treatment on the Gold Coast, without medication!
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How much anguish is this causing you and your loved ones?
Has is impacted the quality of your life?
How about your ability to cope with life on a daily basis? 

Anxiety Treatment on the Gold Coast

Perhaps a doctor has told you that you have an ‘anxiety disorder’ or a ‘something….phobia’? Maybe they prescribed you some drugs, or maybe you’ve seen therapists, but nothing has changed? Do you still feel anxious, worried and afraid? Well I understand how you feel. I suffered from severe stress and anxiety for many years in my 20’s, and nothing I did seemed to change how uptight and anxious I felt for months on end! My health was really deteriorating as a result.  It was not until I had a bad ‘wake up call’ one day, that I realised things really needed to change. Or I was in big trouble!

As a result of that ‘wake up call’, I have now spent many years studying psychology and a number of other modalities, and I have worked in the field for over 30 years. As such, I have the knowledge, the expertise and the true desire to help you. I’ve developed a psychoeducational program that has helped hundreds of people significantly reduce their anxiety, phobia and panic attack symptoms, without relying on medication.

Understanding Anxiety

The key to your success to improve the quality of your life, and to achieve the outcomes of this program, starts with how you view anxiety and the associated symptoms:

Anxiety, phobias and panic attacks are the result of living in fear or constantly worrying about what may or may not happen. Fear builds up often from something in our past, that we link to our future. We look at the future from the view point of the past, and live in fear that an event from the past will happen again. This makes the future something you fear, you catastrophise, think the worst! This way of thinking leads to severe stress, anxiety symptoms and panic attacks.
Fear and stress is a natural self-preserving human reaction to a life threatening danger. However excess fear and chronic stress is not natural.  What typically happens to people suffering from recurring anxiety attacks is that when they can’t find identifiable stressors to rationalise their anxiety, they begin to turn it inward. The brain invents the explanation that they must be going crazy, but this is not the case.  It is important to understand the physical relationship of what is occurring in your body, in order to learn to manage it effectively. Most importantly, not getting too consumed about thinking something is wrong with you and that you are crazy! This only makes it worse! Instead, you need to learn strategies to focus on gaining control of your thoughts, your emotional state and your physical body.
The medical system is quick to label the problem and medicate for the symptoms, but this does not address the causes! Nor does it offer any practical coping strategies to manage the problems. Then you become fearful and anxious to come off the medication, because you know nothing has changed. So why would you feel any different right? And so the cycle continues with medication!
So to treat anxiety without medication the key is to address the real causes; identify the underlying patterns behind your fears and the triggers to your anxiety. Whilst teaching you the tools to alleviate the debilitating physical symptoms associated with such conditions if they do arise.
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Gold Coast Anxiety Treatment Programs

Identify the core psychological patterns (the underlying causes), and the triggers that are keeping you in the grips of fear.
Initially we will work with your conscious mind to increase your levels of self-awareness. And teach you transformational tools to change your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours to get you out of the fear cycle.
Then we will work with your unconscious mind directly, using powerful techniques like Hypnotherapy, PSYCH-K™, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).   It is your unconscious mind that determines how you feel, and also how you behave. Inner conflict occurs when your unconscious mind is not aligned with the desires of your conscious mind.