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Self-Confidence Hypnotherapy

Do you struggle with low self-confidence?

Do you struggle with self-confidence?

Does low self-confidence stop you from living a happy and fulfilled life?

Does it affect your ability to maintain relationships?

Does low self-confidence keep you from social engagements?

Do you have constant negative thoughts about yourself?

Self-Confidence Hypnotherapy Gold Coast

Our Self-Confidence Hypnotherapy programs can help you to overcome your issues with self-confidence and assist you to start living the life you dream of. Low self-confidence is an issue that many Australians, young and old, face daily. A lack of confidence can arise over time, almost without being noticed. Many people who suffer from low self-confidence have felt this way about themselves for as long as they can remember, whereas others develop confidence issues for very specific reasons and perhaps in specific contexts or environments.

Low self-confidence is tied to anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns. Our Self-Confidence Hypnotherapy program is designed to uncover and address the actual reasons behind your lack of confidence, and then develop effective techniques for tackling the negative thoughts associated.  

Many people who suffer from low self-confidence believe that they do not deserve to feel confident, due to negative beliefs they hold about themselves. This can arise from a huge range of scenarios including:

  • Self-confidence hypnotherapy, woman feeling confidentChildhood trauma, abuse or lack of support
  • Other existing mental health issues
  • Weight gain
  • Breakdown of relationships
  • Loss of income or change in home situation
  • Difficulty in achieving goals in life (career goals, or personal goals)

Our Self-Confidence Hypnotherapy program will delve beneath the superficial reasons for your lack of confidence and uncover the real reasons for the way you feel about yourself. Our professional hypnotherapist is an expert in not only hypnotherapy, but also in psychology.

Through our Self-Confidence Hypnotherapy program, you will overcome your negative beliefs and thoughts about yourself and begin to understand your true potential. Often, we are our own worst enemy when it comes to self-confidence. Hypnotherapy is a tried and tested, and safe, method for building your self-confidence.

There are 3 steps involved in your personalised Self-Confidence Hypnotherapy Program:

     1. Explore the underlying reasons and triggers for your low self-confidence.

     2. Schedule 3 hypnotherapy sessions about 1 week apart.

     3. A personalised hypnosis recording will be prepared for you to take home after the third session for maintenance.


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