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Hypnotherapy for Nail Biting

Have you bitten off more than you can chew?

Have you bitten your nails since you were a child?

Do you find yourself biting your nails without even being aware of it?

Are you embarrassed by the way your nails look, or are they getting infected?

Have you had difficulty in putting a stop to nail biting?

Have you had little to no success with other methods to stop your nail biting?

Hypnotherapy for Nail Biting Gold Coast

Our hypnotherapy for nail biting can help you to overcome this deeply ingrained habit, and release the hold that it has on your confidence. Many people suffer with nail biting, and the reasons for developing a nail biting habit are as varied as those who experience it. Generally though, nail biting results as a nervous habit or as a result of latent anxiety. Often, nail biters develop this habit as a form of relief from stressful situations. It can become so ingrained that sufferers may not even realise they are biting their nails.

Statistics around nail biting in Australia might surprise you. Some experts report that as many as 35% of children suffer from the problem, whereas up to 20% of young adults and 5% of mature adults struggle with nail biting. Like any learned behaviour, nail biting can remain as a habit long after the original trigger has abated. There are a range of treatment options available, such as topical solutions for the nails themselves, however many people find them ineffective. This is because topical solutions do not treat the underlying causes for nail biting. Our hypnotherapy for nail biting is specifically designed to uncover the root causes for your habit, and to effectively address them.

Nail biting can cause more damage than you may realise. Some of the effects of nail biting include:

  • Hypnotherapy for nail biting, mans hands showing nailsA loss of self-confidence because of embarrassment
  • Difficulty dealing with stressful situations adequately
  • Disease and infection of the nail beds and fingers
  • Dental problems which arise from infections of the hands and nails
  • Spread of warts and other conditions.

Personalised Hypnotherapy Programs

Our hypnotherapy for nail biting has an incredible 100% success rate. This is because our experienced Hypnotherapist and Psychologist is also an expert in the treatment of anxiety-related issues utilising hypnotherapy. The only effective way to treat nail biting for life is to address the real causes behind the habit. Hypnotherapy is a safe and very successful method for treating your nail biting habit.

There are 3 steps involved in your personalised hypnotherapy for nail biting program:

     1. Explore the history and triggers behind your nail biting.

     2. Schedule 3 hypnotherapy sessions about 1 week apart.

     3. A personalised hypnosis recording will be prepared for you to take home after the third session for maintenance.

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