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Hypnotherapy for Insomnia

Do you suffer from chronic sleeplessness?

Do you have trouble sleeping most nights?

Suffering from constant fatigue and general lethargy?

Does your lack of sleep cause you anxiety?

Do you have difficulty thinking clearly or concentrating?

Are you irritable due to a lack of sleep?

Have you had limited success with other treatments?

Hypnotherapy for Insomnia Gold Coast

Our hypnotherapy for insomnia can help you to overcome your chronic sleeplessness, to start sleeping peacefully once more. Insomnia is a remarkably common condition, which around 1 in 3 Australians suffer from. The symptoms of insomnia can have devastating effects on your entire life, from tiredness and irritability, to anxiety, depression and even the occurrence of micro-sleeps! Micro-sleeps involve falling asleep briefly and without warning, and can happen when driving or in other dangerous situations. Many insomnia sufferers do not realise that they have the condition, and instead put their difficulty sleeping down to stress, or a number of other factors. Insomnia can present in a handful of ways, which include:

  • Hypnotherapy for Insomnia, woman in bedDifficulty falling asleep at first
  • Trouble remaining asleep for long enough
  • Waking during the night and having trouble getting back to sleep
  • Trouble sleeping, no matter how tired you are

Personalised Insomnia Hypnotherapy Programs

Despite the fact that so many Australians suffer from insomnia, the awareness of this condition, and the rate at which sufferers seek help is incredibly low. Fortunately, there is help available. At Integrated Health Specialists, our hypnotherapy for insomnia program is specially designed to treat the underlying causes for the condition, and help you to sleep properly once again.

There are many causes for insomnia, and often it is hard for sufferers to understand what is causing the issue in their particular case. Issues such as chronic stress, depression or anxiety, certain medications, illnesses, chronic pain and even a poor diet can trigger insomnia. With our targeted hypnotherapy for insomnia program, we work closely with you, in a safe and comfortable environment, to uncover the reasons behind your insomnia, so we can start to treat them effectively.

Our hypnotherapy for insomnia program has an incredible success rate, as we understand the true origins of the condition, and how to treat them. Our highly-trained and expert Hypnotherapist and Psychologist will develop a personal program, tailored to your situation. 

There are 3 steps involved in your personalised hypnotherapy for nail biting program:

     1. Explore the history and triggers behind your insomnia.

     2. Schedule 3 hypnotherapy sessions about 1 week apart.

     3. A personalised hypnosis recording will be prepared for you to take home after the third session for maintenance.

CONNECT WITH US TODAY to find out more about our hypnotherapy for insomnia program and discover how we can help you to overcome it, once and for all!

Some of our current measurable success rates: