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Discover the healing power of combining Hypnosis and Reiki!

HypnoReiki is a powerful combination utilising the power of hypnosis with the healing practice of Reiki. Combining Reiki for overall mind/body wellness – with cutting-edge personalised hypnotherapy techniques is a highly effective method of reducing stress, releasing trauma, and optimising one’s personal potential and to improve your overall health and quality of life. Together these two powerful healing modalities create a synergistic effect on all levels of your body, mind and spirit, and will take you to the most deepest places of your subconscious mind.  You have never felt more relaxed and at peace until you experience HypnoReiki!

Prior to your HypnoReiki session, a discussion with your therapist will identify the most beneficial focus for your session and a personalised pre-prepared hypnosis recording will be prepared prior to your session and designed according to your individual needs. Included as part of your HypnoReiki session is your hypnosis recording to take home and use as maintenance for your healing journey.