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Fear of Spiders Hypnotherapy

Do you suffer from Arachnophobia?


Do you suffer with a debilitating fear of spiders?

Do you find your fear of spiders embarrassing?

Does your fear of spiders impact your daily life?

Have your efforts to confront your Arachnophobia failed?

Fear of Spiders Hypnotherapy Gold Coast

Fear of spiders or Arachnophobia is one of the most common phobias, and is suffered by many Australians. Our Fear of Spiders Hypnotherapy program can help you to overcome your fear once and for all. Like any phobia, the fear can be irrational and yet completely impossible to control, without the proper support. You may find that no amount of rationalisation, or exposure can help to treat your Arachnophobia. That is why we’ve developed the Fear of Spiders Hypnotherapy program.  

A fear of spiders can lead to:Fear of spiders hynotherapy, Arachnophobia

  • Intense anxiety at the thought of, or sight of, spiders
  • Lack of proper sleep, thanks to nightmares and restlessness from fear of spiders
  • Difficulty going about daily activities such as cleaning the house, going outside, etc.
  • Inability to leave the house, or function normally, due to intense fear.


Many people believe that simply exposing yourself to your object of fear will help you to overcome it. In fact, this technique, without the proper support, can lead to an increased intensity of the fear. Like all phobias, fear of spiders may be based on no previous trauma with the object, and can occur without any real danger being present. That is to say, many people who are afraid of spiders fear even the most benign and harmless arachnids. Some people who suffer from a fear of spiders are even unable to watch them on television, or even think about them, without suffering from a fear response. The reaction to the fear being triggered can be anything from a shiver, a sick feeling, an anxiousness or sleeplessness, and even a severe anxiety attack. Fear of spiders can become so severe that it takes over the sufferer’s life.  

Personalised Fear of Spiders Hypnotherapy Programs

Fortunately, a fear of spiders is something that can be treated effectively and safely, with our Fear of Spiders Hypnotherapy program. Designed by a qualified Psychologist and Hypnotherapist who specialises in phobias, this program can help you to overcome this debilitating fear.  

Our Fear of Spiders Hypnotherapy program is incredibly successful, and has helped many people to overcome their fear. If you’d like to overcome your fear, once and for all, now is the time to get started with our hypnotherapy program.

There are 3 steps involved in your hypnotherapy program:

     1. Explore the history behind your fear of spiders.

     2. Schedule 3 hypnotherapy sessions about 1 week apart.

     3. A personalised hypnosis recording will be prepared for you to take home after the third session for maintenance.

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