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Weight Loss Counselling Gold Coast

Holistic weight loss programs to address your psychological barriers!

Gold Coast Weight Loss Counselling Services

Weight Loss Counselling Gold Coast - sick of carrying around your extra baggage? Overweight manOur weight loss counselling services can help you to lose the weight you have been struggling with for years, and keep it off!. 

Have you been trying to lose weight unsuccessfully?

Have you been dieting, and exercising, but with limited success?

Do you find yourself yo-yoing with your weight?

Weight loss counselling can help you to manage your weight, with effective strategies that really work. Our weight loss services are tailored to suit your needs, by understanding the psychological and emotional obstacles behind your weight struggles!

Our holistic weight loss programs are not a one-size-fits-all approach, and we understand that everyone struggles with weight for different reasons, and we empower you with the tools to manage your weight loss effectively.  At Integrated Health Specialists, we have a team of dedicated specialists who help you with your journey.  In our holistic weight loss programs you will be working with:

  • our psychologist; who helps you to understand your psychological and emotional relationship with food and weight,
  • our health and fitness coach; who can equip you with the most effective strategies to lose weight effectively, and at a healthy rate, and
  • our naturopath; who will assess your current health status, understand your nutrition and increase your vitality.

Our holistic wellness programs have helped hundreds of people to shed kilos and improve their quality of life!

If you have never considered weight loss counselling, get in touch with us today and find out more about our tried and tested weight loss programs.