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Stress Management Counselling Gold Coast

Do you struggle daily with chronic stress & tension?

Gold Coast Stress Management Counselling Services

Our stress management counselling services on the Gold Coast can help you to manage your stress, and overcome its hold on your life. Do you struggle daily with stress and tension, which seems to affect the way you enjoy your life, work, and family? Do you have difficulty in remaining calm, or feel overwhelmed on a regular basis? Studies show that 75% of us experience stress which greatly affects our health and wellbeing.

Ongoing, persistent stress not only affects our ability to maintain our emotional health, but can also have severe and lasting physical consequences. Our stress management counselling services can help you to learn how to manage stress, without the need for medication.

Do you suffer with constant, nagging worry? Often have difficulty enjoying time with family and friends because of your stress levels? Do you have problems sleeping, feel rundown, low on energy, or experience regular headaches? Stress can play a major role in how we feel, physically and emotionally, and can prohibit us from living our lives to the full.

Untreated stress can result in depression and anxiety which, gone untreated, can result in serious and chronic mental illness. Stress management counselling is an important resource in addressing issues with stress, and treating its underlying causes.

Whilst many people rely on medication to treat their stress, unfortunately it does not address the underlying issues which cause stress. In fact, medication may even lead to a build-up of stress, as the causes are not addressed and treated.

When does Stress Become a Problem?

Feelings of stress can feel normal because it has been so long-term, that many of us do not even realise that we have a serious problem. Chronic stress is often overlooked as a cause of ill-health, and is therefore not treated appropriately. Whilst many of us may turn to a GP when feeling sluggish, or rundown, the treatments offered may only temporarily or marginally improve the situation.

stress management Gold Coast, woman stressedStress is a serious issue if:

  • It is affecting your relationships
  • It impedes your ability to enjoy aspects of your life which previously brought you joy
  • It is causing physical symptoms such as sleep disorders, headaches, exhaustion, or high blood pressure
  • You are unable to cope with everyday situations effectively
  • You experience constant, nagging worry

By treating stress effectively, with stress management counselling, symptoms of stress such as those listed above can improve dramatically. Stress management counselling can give you the power to take back control of your life, and begin to enjoy yourself again.

So many people don’t manage their stress well. Our Gold Coast Stress Management Program can give you back the freedom to manage your day-to-day life once again, help you cope better with your daily stressors, and put a stop to you being controlled by your stress. At Integrated Health Specialists, our dedicated and experienced psychologist and hypnotherapist has developed a highly successful Stress Management Program.  This program can assist you by identifying the causes behind your stress, and offer effective strategies to overcome the overwhelming symptoms of stress.