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Holistic Counselling

Providing holistic & solutions-focused counselling on the Gold Coast!

Gold Coast Holistic Counselling

Life’s challenges are part of the journey. Located in Mudgeeraba on the Gold Coast; Integrated Health Specialists offers 20 years of high-quality holistic counselling services. Our experienced Psychologist, Hypnotherapist & Life Coach, Michelle van Namen; provides a safe, compassionate and non-judgmental space for facilitating positive change and healing.

About Our Counselling Services

At Integrated Health Specialists we offer professional holistic counselling services to adults and couples. We believe in the power of holistic healing to improve your quality of life. Our counselling services go beyond traditional therapy methods by integrating mind, body, and spirit to promote overall well-being and happiness.

Whether you’re facing life’s challenges, seeking personal growth, or looking to find more balance and harmony, our experienced Psychologist is here to guide you on your journey to self-discovery and healing. Every individual is unique, and so is your path to wellness. That’s why our holistic approach is tailored specifically to you. Through a blend of traditional and alternative therapies, we aim to address not just the symptoms, but the root causes of your concerns.

We understand the importance of creating a supportive, empathetic and non-judgemental space for our clients, a place where you can feel safe to explore all of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. We are dedicated to providing you with the understanding, tools, and encouragement you need to navigate life’s ups and downs.

We specialise in the following areas:

Please note, we do NOT specialise in the following areas:

  • Child & Adolescent Counselling
  • Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation
  • Anorexia Nervosa
  • Medico-Legal
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What to Expect in Your First Session

Your initial one-hour counselling session is about understanding your personal situation, challenges and goals. It’s an opportunity for you to meet Michelle, and ensure you feel comfortable moving forward. Empathy, active listening, and non-judgemental support is at the heart of our practice to ensure you feel genuinely heard and understood. Our client-centred and genuine approach recognises that each person brings to therapy their own unique history, experiences, beliefs, challenges, and strengths. By the end of your initial session, you’ll receive a suggested treatment plan. We also offer one-on-one intensive SOLUTIONS-FOCUSED HOLISTIC PROGRAMS.

Why Consult a Psychologist for Counselling?

Psychologists are qualified and extensively trained experts in human behaviour.  Not all counsellors or therapists are registered psychologists. Psychologists apply their expertise using reliable and scientifically supported methods, not just ‘having a chat’.  Having studied human development, the brain, memory, learning, and the processes that shape how humans think, feel, behave and respond to their environment. All psychologists in Australia are legally required to be registered, in the same way that medical practitioners must be registered. This means that they must be deemed professionally competent and follow a strict Code of Conduct and ethical standards which safeguards clients to receive high quality ethical treatment (https://psychology.org.au/about-us/what-we-do/ethics-and-practice-standards). Michelle offers best-practice, Gold Coast counselling services.

Why Holistic Counselling?

At Integrated Health Specialists we adopt a holistic approach to all of our services. Holistic counselling focuses on a person in their entirety; it considers physiological and psychological symptoms as parts of a greater whole, and regards the mind, body and spirit as fundamentally interconnected. Rather than treating just the symptoms, a holistic approach looks deeper and aims to uncover the underlying causes that lead to the symptoms. This approach regards human problems as opportunities for growth and development, and understands that each client is a unique human being who carries within them the unlimited potential as a healthy, fulfilled and flourishing individual.

Holistic counselling provides a safe and compassionate space which provides opportunities to understand and affirm the deeper needs within. Unspoken, denied or repressed needs are explored and welcomed without judgement. A new clarity, acceptance, confidence and peace in ones self is gained through the exploration of their deeper needs. This approach to therapy reaffirms the psyche’s innate ability to heal if given the right opportunities within a respectful, nurturing and supportive environment. Holistic counsellors help you to develop self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-compassion; empowering you to identify potential solutions and develop strategies to improve your quality of life. Ultimately holistic therapy focuses on developing a future that is soul-centred, authentic and meaningful.

10 Key Benefits of Counselling?

Is Counselling Really for Me?

It’s okay to seek help. Opening up about personal issues can be challenging, but it’s a brave step towards improving your life. Contrary to common beliefs, therapy isn’t just for those amidst a crisis. Our experienced counsellor can help you move forward, offering guidance and resources for a more fulfilling and meaningful life. So, if you are looking for a Gold Coast Counsellor LET’S CONNECT to have a confidential chat to see how we can help you!