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Finding it Hard to Get Fit? Try a Unique Approach to Personal Training!

Mar 13, 2018Healthy Lifestyle, Nutrition & Fitness0 comments

How to get fit on the Gold Coast

Are you finding it hard to get fit? Perhaps you’ve been trying to get fitter, feel healthier or lose weight for years with very little success. Sadly, you’re not alone. Living a healthy lifestyle and getting fit is becoming harder and harder for most of us, as we struggle to manage our busy daily lives. For many of us, taking care of those around us takes precedence over keeping ourselves in good shape, both mentally and physically.

Fitting a few workouts into our week can be near on impossible for many of us and knowing just how to make the most of our workouts is another challenge. Perhaps you’ve even been seeing a personal trainer, but are just finding it too hard (or too unpleasant) to keep up with their prescribed workout programs and unrealistic meal plans? Although personal training is a great way to stay motivated and get assistance with your fitness plan, many people find themselves paying a lot of money while struggling to see results. The good news? If you’re trying to get fit, there is a better way!

Why the average personal trainer and gyms aren’t working

Are you someone who takes out a new gym membership every January, after a December full of over-indulging and a New Year’s Resolution to get fit? It’s a well-known fact that gym memberships peak every January thanks to an influx of people hoping to get in shape after the silly season. The trouble is, these new memberships tend to last no more than a few weeks (at best) before attendance drops and people end up paying for memberships they never use. So, if we’re so motivated at the start of our new year, why don’t we see that carry through for the rest of the year? Getting fit is about more than just slugging it out at the gym a few times a week. It’s also about more than just cutting out junk food from your diet. If it was that simple, we wouldn’t have the obesity epidemic we’re seeing across the developed world. If changing our habits were as simple as working out and eating better, everyone would be doing it. This is the very reason that there is such a huge market for personal trainers in Australia: People are looking for extra support, from a professional, to make their fitness goals a reality.

Seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it: Consult a personal trainer who can help to design a workout to suit your goals and even assist you with a meal plan to curb your worst eating habits. The trouble is that (most) personal trainers are not nutritionists, and as much as they claim to know how healthy eating can result in better health, their understanding of nutrition and of your individual needs is limited. Despite this, a lack of nutritional understanding is only part of the problem. The biggest hurdle for most people when it comes to getting fit is understanding the mind, and the role it plays in our lifestyle. Why does prescribing a few training sessions and a healthier diet not work for most people? Because our habits and lifestyle choices are deeply ingrained and cannot be overcome so easily.

There’s a better way: A unique approach to personal training

Wouldn’t it be wonderful then, if we could combine our need for tailored fitness regimes and healthy eating with a deeper understanding of our own behaviours? This is precisely our approach at Integrated Health Specialists.  Our experienced personal trainer is also a qualified wellness coach, and a nutrition & weight loss consultant, and in addition our expertise in psychology means that we can get to the bottom of your thoughts and behaviours to overturn those which are unhelpful to you. This unique approach combines a number of both mind and body techniques to offer a holistic solution to your fitness goals. Our approach looks at solving deeper problems from psychological, nutritional and physical points of view.

Instead of focusing on quick fixes and unhelpful terminology, our holistic weight loss programs focus on creating long-term changes that are structured, realistic and manageable. We combine personal training with expert nutritional knowledge, cutting-edge nutrigenomics (DNA profiling), and identify the psychological patterns and behaviours which have been holding you back. Only by understanding these underlying psychological factors can you truly achieve real and lasting changes to your health.

Whether you’ve been struggling to get fit for years, or are simply wanting to start your year off by losing a few of those Christmas kilos, now is the time to try our unique approach to personal training on the Gold Coast. Take advantage of our expertise and holistic approach to give yourself the best chance of getting fit and staying fit. Find out more by getting in touch with us today!

Michelle van Namen
Author: Michelle van Namen