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How do I find a personal life coach? Where can I find a Gold Coast Life Coach? Should I try online life coaching or find a life coach I can see in person? All great questions! These days, there are no shortage of options for life coaches, both online and face-to-face. Here, we break down how to find a life coach that’s perfect for you.

Why hire a personal life coach?

Have you tried to make changes in your life a thousand times, but rarely or never managed to succeed? Maybe you’ve tried every diet under the sun, or have been feeling stuck at work in a job that doesn’t satisfy you, experiencing constant financial stress, or you’re struggling in your relationships and feeling lost or lonely?

Maybe you’re someone whose life seems to be going great in many ways, but you’re finding yourself really stressed and about to burn out. Or, there’s this one thing you’re trying to master, but can’t seem to tackle it, no matter how hard you try. For all of these reasons and more, it’s time to find a personal life coach!

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A local life coach or online?

Whether you prefer to consult with your personal life coach online or in-person is really up to you, and is very much a personal choice. However, there are different benefits to each.

Benefits of seeing a personal life coach online:

  • You can select from a wide range of life coaches from across the globe
  • You can attend your life coaching sessions from the comfort of your own home
  • You might feel more comfortable opening up in an online session than when face-to-face
  • Appointment times can be more flexible, making it easier for you to fit them into your schedule
  • You might have difficulty leaving the house because of commitments at home, or even local lockdowns in your area

Benefits of seeing a life coach in person:

  • Face-to-face life coaching may help you to connect better with your coach
  • Meeting your personal life coach at their office will help you to avoid distractions at home or work
  • Your life coach will be better able to read your body language and get a sense of how you’re feeling when you’re there in person
  • You don’t need to worry about your internet connection, finding a quiet space at work or home to attend your sessions, or bother with sometimes temperamental technology
  • Finding a local Gold Coast life coach means working with someone who understands more about your lifestyle, the challenges you face in your region, and may have a deeper insight because of these things

Many life coaches who have a physical office for you to visit can also offer online sessions, if the need arises. This means you might be able to try both in-person and online sessions, as your needs or circumstances change.

Finding the right personal life coach for you

Finding the right personal life coach for you may sound daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. If you consider a few key factors, you’ll find it’s a breeze to select the ideal life coach for you.

Book an initial consultation

Always book in for an initial consultation before committing to any type of ongoing program.  Having a conversation about what you’re looking for and what they can offer you. But most importantly, it gives you an opportunity to see how well you communicate and connect with the life coach in question, and make sure they can assist you to achieve your goals. If the life coach tries to commit you to a program over the phone without this step, this is a red flag!

Read testimonials and reviews

One of the best ways to find the right life coach for you is to read the testimonials and reviews of other clients who’ve used their life coaching services. You can find these on Google, on the business’s Facebook page, or on their website, for example. These reviews and testimonials will highlight what other clients have loved (or not) about your prospective life coach, and how they helped them to change their lives.

Ask for their qualifications

Not all life coaches are created equal, and many don’t have proper qualifications, so be sure to enquire about the qualifications of any life coach you’re considering. Any life coach should be happy to share with you their experience, specialties, and what training they’ve completed, to help you decide whether they’re a good fit for you.

What are their specialties?

Just as you’d see a specialist for a serious health problem, you can also choose to engage a life coach that specialises in your areas of concern. When getting in touch to discuss their services, be sure to raise your particular concerns and enquire as to whether your life coach has experience in these areas.

Ask about the process

Every life coach will have their own processes, programs, or ways of going about your coaching sessions. Ask about their life coaching process and how they plan to help you address the areas of your life you’re interested in changing. Not only will this help you to decide whether a life coach is the right one for you, it will also prepare you with what to expect once you get started.

Life coaching from Integrated Health Specialists

Here at Integrated Health Specialists, we offer Gold Coast life coaching services, both online and in person. Our experienced and highly qualified personal life coach, psychologist, and hypnotherapist has developed a number of highly successful programs to help you overcome obstacles and turn your life around – no matter what you’re facing. For more information on our process, visit our Gold Coast Life Coach page, or get in touch for a confidential discussion on where you’re at in life, and how our life coaching services can help you.

Michelle van Namen
Author: Michelle van Namen