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Anxiety Treatment Without Medication

Do you suffer from constant, nagging worries? Perhaps you sometimes experience panic attacks which leave you debilitated and unable to function normally at work, at home or when in public. If these feelings seem to be out of proportion to the actual troubles you’re facing, you may be suffering from anxiety; and you are not alone.

Rates of anxiety are rising in Australia and around the world. In fact, according to Beyond Blue, anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia. It will come as no surprise to many that anxiety can contribute to depression and other mental health issues if not treated effectively.

Like with many other mental health conditions, anxiety can often be treated with medication. However, many people are now looking for effective anxiety treatment without medication, through various therapies and natural remedies now available.

There are many tried and tested anxiety treatments which specially trained psychologists or counsellors can offer. Here are just a few ways in which a qualified therapist can help you to manage your anxiety effectively without medication:

While the use of hypnotherapy can be traced back through hundreds, if not thousands of years, the modern idea of hypnosis has been around since the 18th century. Today, it is widely used as an effective treatment for many conditions, from phobias to depression, addictions and even weight management.

Hypnotherapy is concerned with the unconscious mind and how it effects our waking state. After identifying your core psychological patterns, and understanding the beliefs that your conscious mind experiences, hypnotherapy can be used to uncover your unconscious thoughts and behaviours.

Your unconscious mind is often responsible for much of the anxiety you feel, if it is in conflict with the goals and desires of your conscious mind. Whilst you may try again and again to change certain behaviours, or manage your anxiety, this conflict can mean that the symptoms continue to arise. With hypnotherapy, your therapist can help to uncover where this conflict lies, and bring your unconscious and conscious minds back into sync.

For those who have never experienced hypnotherapy before, it can be a daunting concept because it is often misunderstood, and there are many myths about hypnosis. You can read more about hypnotherapy and understand the experienced approach taken at Integrated Health Specialists – Gold Coast Hypnotherapist

Based on the principles of acupuncture and incorporating advances in kinesiology techniques, EFT is a gentle therapy which involves tapping, or ‘psychological acupressure’, rather than the use of needles, to realign the body’s energy system.

Practitioners of EFT note that whilst health, fitness and lifestyle are important factors in maintaining robust mental health – emotional health is often overlooked. Drawing on ancient Chinese wisdom, Emotional Freedom Techniques aim to re-establish harmony within the energy system of the body, in order to restore wellbeing naturally and without the use of medication.

EFT is one of the fastest growing techniques in the fields of Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine. Find out more about how EFT can help you today.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a unique therapy, in that it is concerned with how you think, rather than what you think.  Focusing on the three most influential elements in shaping the human experience – neurology, language and programming – NLP addresses misalignment of our thoughts, our language and how we ultimately view the world around us. By discovering the client’s ‘internal map’ which is formed around these factors, an NLP practitioner is able to determine ways to change negative habits and thoughts whilst amplifying positive and helpful behaviours.

If you’ve never heard of NLP before, and would like to learn more check out NLP Gold Coast.

One thing that each of these therapies have in common is that they enable a client to take back control of their lives. Whilst some people may find medication useful in treating their anxiety, many people do not feel comfortable with the side effects that may result, and the lack of personal control which these treatments allow.  Most importantly, there is a big difference in controlling symptoms (keeping them at bay), versus addressing the actual causes of the anxiety in the first place.  Therapies such as those listed above are not only extremely effective and offer long-term results, they can also effect change much sooner than many other treatment options.

If you are suffering from anxiety and would like to experience anxiety treatment without medication, get in touch today to find out about effective anxiety treatments on the Gold Coast, and how they can help you to take back control of your life.

Michelle van Namen
Author: Michelle van Namen