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Gold Coast Personal Trainer Weight Loss Consultant Todd van Namen

Todd van Namen

Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, Nutrition & Weight Loss Consultant

6 reasons why Todd van Namen can help you to achieve your health and fitness goals, and to maintain optimal health and weight loss:

1. Todd is a qualified, experienced and very well-respected Personal Trainer, Accredited Wellness Coach, and Nutrition & Weight Loss Consultant. His specialties include weight loss and weight gain, body toning, shaping, strength and flexibility training, cardiovascular fitness, rehabilitation and personalised nutrition.

2.  Todd’s patient and easy-going nature, and his ability to develop long-term and trusting relationships makes him so unique in this industry and a sought after Personal Trainer on the Gold Coast. And now he can help you achieve your personal goals!

3.  Todd specialises in nutrition and weight loss.  He provides personalised dietary and lifestyle plans based upon your own individual needs to achieve optimum health and weight loss.

4.  Todd is very committed to his professional development, and he loves learning about new ways to make his training more interesting, challenging and fun. Offering variety in your sessions is something that Todd prides himself on.  He spends a lot of time researching and developing individual weekly programs for you, definitely NO ‘one program fits all’ or ‘just make it up as I go’ approach here!

5.  Todd’s philosophy when working with clients is to ensure you will learn a lot about what you are doing and you have fun along the way! He believes you will become more independent and embrace a much healthier lifestyle in the long term if you understand what you are doing and why, you can see and feel the benefits, you aren’t intimidated, and you can feel positive about the changes you’re undertaking.

6.  Todd’s dedication to his work means that he goes above and beyond his personal training sessions with you. He holds you accountable by keeping in regular contact with you between your sessions to monitor your on-going progress in relation to your exercise and health program.