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Starting therapy

Starting therapy can be a daunting concept for many people, for many different reasons. In this article, we take a look at the most common reasons why people resist starting therapy, and how in fact, making the decision to see someone could change your life.

Opening up to someone new is always challenging, no matter what you’re dealing with personally. What many people don’t consider is that there’s no need to make a commitment to the first therapist you see. If you don’t feel as though you can connect with or open up to one therapist, this shouldn’t stop you from looking around until you find someone that you feel comfortable with. When looking for a therapist, consider their specialties and your particular needs to help narrow down the list. Then, pick up the phone and have a chat about how they might be able to help you.

There are still many social stigmas attached to seeing a therapist, however, the tide is slowly turning on these misconceptions. The idea that only people who are suffering from serious, life threatening and ongoing mental health concerns need to see a therapist is outdated and incredibly misleading. People see therapists such as counsellors and psychologists for a range of reasons, from life coaching and motivational support, to assistance with health and weight loss goals, and more. Far from feeling as though something is ‘wrong with you’, seeing a therapist can help you to understand that we all need some help sometimes, and that you’re far from alone.

On the other hand, some people worry that their concerns are trivial, and aren’t serious enough to need the assistance of a therapist. This is a very common misunderstanding. At Integrated Health Specialists, we help people from all walks of life to improve their lives and overcome all kinds of challenges. We offer services such as:

No matter what you’ve got going on in your life, a therapist can help!

This very antiquated notion is something that many Australians tend to buy into. The ‘strong and silent’ approach to suffering has held many people back from seeking the help that could change their lives, and contributes to our significant rates of anxiety, depression and suicide in this country. Mental health, just like physical health, can require the assistance of someone qualified and experienced in the relevant field. Just as you’d see a doctor for a broken bone or an illness, a therapist is an expert in the field of mental health. Rather than solve your problems for you, a therapist will give you the tools to manage your concerns and learn to thrive on your own.

Opening up about our most intimate thoughts, behaviours and concerns can be incredibly daunting. However, speaking with a therapist is very different to speaking to friends or family. A counsellor or psychologist is a non-judgemental third party who is trained and experienced in helping their clients to understand their underlying beliefs and behaviours, and to develop techniques and strategies for overcoming these. Just as your doctor has seen all kinds of embarrassing bodily issues, your therapist helps people with all kinds of mental health concerns every day. They’re there to help, not judge!

Making a long-term commitment to therapy is something that helps many people to manage their ongoing mental health concerns, but it’s by no means necessary for everybody. Whilst seeing a therapist on a long-term basis can be incredibly helpful for some, you might find that just a few sessions, or a program which runs for several weeks is all you need to overcome your struggles and begin living the life you’ve been dreaming of. In fact, many of our programs at Integrated Health Specialists are designed to have instant positive effects – like our hypnotherapy programs, our personal development programs, and our highly-specialised and effective EFT (emotional freedom techniques) and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) programs and our holistic weight loss programs. During these programs, we will help to teach you these techniques so that you can continue with your therapy in the comfort of your own home, when and as you need them.

Speaking to a therapist means having to take a good, hard look at ourselves, and that can be intimidating. However, uncovering your deepest-held beliefs and behaviours is the only truly effective way to release their hold over you and learn to move on with your life. There’s no denying that seeing a therapist can present some uncomfortable moments. But your counsellor or psychologist is there to help you through these moments, so that before you know it, you’re living life with a freedom that you’ve been denying yourself for a long time.  

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Michelle van Namen
Author: Michelle van Namen