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No matter how old you are, what the season is, or what you want to change, it’s never too late to add some healthy habits to your life. Most of us like to use the transition into a new year for resetting our goals and taking some time to be intentional about the year ahead. But, also like most of us, you’ve probably tried the ‘New Year, New Me’ thing a few times, with mixed results. Maybe you never follow through? Or perhaps the failsafe New Year’s Resolutions just don’t resonate with you.

So, what are some different ways to go about being healthy in the new year? For some of us, that’s a new exercise routine aimed at getting fit or warding off the effects of aging. For others, it’s all about connecting more with those around us and working on improving our relationships. For you, it might be eating better, working towards a new career or passion project, or focusing on your mental health. There’s no right or wrong way to make goals for the year ahead. 

With that in mind, what are some of the best ways to be healthy in the new year? Here are our top 5 different ways to be healthy in the new year:

1. Mind first, and the body will follow

One of the biggest hurdles most people have when it comes to getting fit in the new year is not physical, but mental. If you’re focusing solely on your physical health or appearance but failing to take into account how your headspace is doing, you’re going about it backwards. 

Being healthy in the new year is all about aligning your body and mind, and focusing on the ‘why’. If your intentions are clear, and you work on your mindset, the rest will follow. A clear intention about why you want to work on your body (are you recovering from an injury, hoping to be fit as you get older, want to compete in a marathon this year, or simply want to feel better?), you can make solid plans for your physical body and have the motivation to stick to them! 

Of course, the mind is a tricky thing. Whether you suffer from depression or anxiety, low self-esteem, stress, lack of motivation, or just simply aren’t sure about how to set goals and achieve them, there is help out there. If you’re struggling or could use some extra support, reaching out to a Gold Coast counsellor or psychologist is the best thing you can do for yourself. Find out why, here. 

2. Develop an attitude of gratitude 

We know, it sounds cliché. But that’s for a reason. Not only do proponents of the ‘attitude of gratitude’ ideology rave about its results, but the science backs it up too! 

“Gratitude helps us overcome our hard-wired negativity bias—our tendency to focus on negative events rather than positive ones.”

Focusing on gratitude does wonders for our mental health, which flows over into your physical health too. Overcoming our ingrained negativity bias and learning to become more positive and grateful doesn’t just make for a happier day, it also makes it easier to overcome hurdles and setbacks, make plans and stick to them, focus on physical health and fitness, concentrate better, and perform better mentally and physically. If you’re looking for the best way to be healthy in the new year, cultivating an attitude of gratitude is an excellent start. 

3. Move your body because you love it, not hate it

For years and years, fitness gurus have trained us (even unintentionally) to look at what we must ‘fix’ about our bodies. Too much tummy fat? Flabby arms? Jiggly bum? Muscles not big enough? It’s enough to shake anyone’s confidence. And the media and social media don’t help. But what if we all started to appreciate exactly what our bodies have done and continue to do for us? Think about yours: did your body get you through an illness, help you give birth to your child, let you climb that mountain, get you to work everyday, allow you to play with your children or enjoy time with your friends? There are so many things our bodies do for us every day; that we don’t take the time to appreciate. One of the best ways you can be healthy in the new year is to start moving your body to celebrate it, not hate it. Go to the gym because you want to continue being strong and doing the things you love! Go for those beach walks with the dog because you love it, and appreciate just how your body supports you to do that! Heck, even get out for a run and eat well because it helps your digestion and helps you to get a good sleep at night! Let’s start celebrating all that our bodies do for us, and take care of them because we love them. 

4. Make sleep your priority 

Getting anything done is difficult when you’re exhausted. That’s why sleep should be a priority for getting healthy in the new year. Better sleep not only gives you more energy, it also improves mental health, enhances concentration, boosts your physical health, and more. If you’re not a great sleeper, you’re not alone. Make getting some help with your sleep a priority this year and reach out. We’ve helped many of our clients getting a better night’s rest with hypnotherapy. Read how in our blog article, Hypnotherapy for Sleep: Can it Help You

Looking for more different ways to be healthy in the new year? The ways to go about it are as unique as you are. Find the ways that work for you by getting in touch with us. We’re here to help! 


Michelle van Namen
Author: Michelle van Namen