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2019 new years resolutions

Have you ever wondered what other people are setting as their New Year’s Resolutions? Are people hoping to make more money, get a promotion at work, buy a bigger house or car? Surprisingly, these are not the go-to resolutions for most of us. The most popular resolutions for each new year include losing weight, getting fit, eating better and spending more time with loved ones. That should tell you a great deal about our priorities as a society today. Time and time again we all set these kinds of resolutions for ourselves, with a view to being happier and healthier. So, why is it that we so often fail?

Setting unrealistic New Year’s Resolutions is part of the problem. In fact, it’s the chief reason that so many of our wishes for the year are doomed to fail before they’ve even begun. Fad dieting is one of the most popular ways to kick off the new year, and it’s little surprise. When setting ourselves pie-in-the-sky resolutions for our next year, we’re full of hope and ambition. We tend to turn to things like fad diets as a ‘cure all’ for our health and fitness woes, without much thought about the longevity of such diets. In fact, they’re so unrealistic as a long-term weight loss goal that over 90% of fad diets fail. So, if you’re looking to be happier and healthier in 2019, here are some resolutions that are so much more likely to succeed than a fad diet:

A recent study suggests that 77% of us would like to cook at home more often in 2019. Unlike a fad diet, this kind of resolution is a great place to start your health and fitness kick for the new year. Cooking at home more often means eating out less, which not only saves you money, but gives you the perfect opportunity to eat more healthily. Knowing exactly what goes into your food means being able to cut out unnecessary fats and sugars, keeping your meals lean and healthy.

The leading cause for failing to reach fitness goals for the year? Not having the right fitness routine in place. How often have you joined a gym with the best of intentions, only to find yourself paying for a membership you never use? The reason that so many of us fail in our goal to get fit is that we simply don’t enjoy the exercise we’re doing. Slogging it out at the gym in front of dozens of other toned bodies might be your worst nightmare, just like it is for millions of other Australians. But have you ever considered that the gym might not be the best place for you? Finding something you enjoy doing is the key to keeping up the routine and building a habit. So, have a think outside the box about an activity that you will find enjoyable. Consider alternatives like walking or running on the beach, taking up boxing classes, joining a mum’s outdoor fitness group, taking up a new sport like football or soccer, or even buying a Zumba DVD to watch at home. Getting fit doesn’t have to mean spending hours at the gym every week – find something that suits your lifestyle and that you enjoy!

Taking some ‘me time’ might seem like a luxury when you’ve got a busy household to run or you’re overwhelmed at work. However, taking some time for yourself, to rest and recharge, can not only make you feel better, but can also help you to perform better at work. According to Jim Loehr, co-author of The Power of Full Engagement, “productivity is less about managing your time and more about managing your energy.” As your mind performs better when properly rested, self-care can have an enormous impact on your performance – be it during your workout, at your desk at work, or when running errands and getting the kids ready for school. Taking even a small amount of time for yourself each week will see you feeling better, more energised and thinking more clearly. So, in 2019, make ‘me time’ a priority.

As they say, failing to prepare means preparing to fail. Clichéd as that saying might be, it’s undeniably true. Without a plan, you’re unlikely to succeed at even the more realistic New Year’s Resolutions. Whether your goal is to be fitter and healthier, to be happier, or to spend more time doing the things you love, having a plan and being prepared is essential. If you’re planning to cook more meals at home this year, you’ll need to set aside time for grocery shopping and you’ll need to head to the store with a list of what you need to shop for. Failing to do this inevitably means coming home with more junk in your shopping bags than you’d have hoped. Likewise, not having a plan for your exercise routine means that before you know it, you’ve run out of time during in the week to get a workout in.

If making a plan seems like a simple enough idea, you might be surprised to learn that many people struggle to manage it. Which brings us to our next point:

If you’ve had your fair share of failed resolutions, you won’t be surprised to learn that most people have trouble making an effective plan for their health, fitness and happiness goals. That’s why it’s probably time you got some help from an expert. And we’re not talking about hiring another personal trainer. When you’ve struggled to manage your weight for years, you need more than just a fitness instructor. You need someone who can help you with your nutrition. You also need someone who can help you to overcome the habits, behaviours and beliefs that have been stopping you from reaching your goals.

At Integrated Health Specialists, we have a range of psychology and life coaching programs and weight loss programs with a difference. We combine a number of creative and therapeutic techniques, administered by qualified experts in psychology, nutrition, naturopathy, and fitness, to create a tailored plan for you. Making a whole-life change means getting some help from experts across multiple fields. At Integrated Health Specialists, you’ve got a team with nutrition, psychology and fitness expertise, to help you create a whole-life plan you can stick to!

If you’re ready to start achieving your 2019 goals and could use some help, get in touch today to find out how we can make 2019 your best year yet.

Michelle van Namen
Author: Michelle van Namen